Cafe Berlin Columbia, MO

Original organic hand-crafted breakfast & lunch.
Open 7 days a week, 8 am - 2 pm.

so much change

check out all the updates to our space.  Our bar is open every night now, with live music a few nights a week.  Check out our new stage and rock your proverbial and real faces off.  

hola, pollitas

Little birds, a lot has happened.  i became so attached to working and finishing the expansion that i lost time and the ability to post updates.  but. to let you know…it’s done.  new space is open and ready for your enjoyment.  

Plans approved, full steam go time

several ink stamps have been applied —and like some beautiful modge podge piece the plans have been returned to us approved.  The funny gods of Establishment have smiled upon our efforts.  

we hooped.  we hollered. we ordered a dumpster.  it’s yellow so look out for it.  enjoy some pics below of us doing some ceremonial destruction. 

stay tuned chickens

We begin

new stage, early shot.  about 20 feet by 13 feet.  that’s a whole lotta space for musicians.  or clowns.

new stage, early shot.  about 20 feet by 13 feet.  that’s a whole lotta space for musicians.  or clowns.

Update on Growing Pains

Hey Y’all.  

Being a cook has its advantages.  Like being a good singer.  Nevertheless, my training in culinaryness didn’t prepare me thoroughly or adequately in regards to the intricacies of dealing with city planners, architects, engineers and other general bureaucracies.  

BUT!  we are moving forward, plans have been submitted, looking like we’ll get a green light soon and get going on getting going. 

here is a picture of the new stage for our future musical pursuits. 

stay tuned my fine fellers, it’s a good state to be in

We are growing!

Work has begun on our expansion into the space next door formerly occupied by Talking Horse Productions/Berlin Theatre.  

Our plan is to slightly expand our dining space and to put in a full bar and stage for music and other performances.  

Stay tuned for pictures/media/film and updates.